BC Parks

British ColumbiaThe British Columbia Parks System manages and protects almost fourteen percent of the land in British Columbia for conservation, preservation, and recreation. A primary goal of BC Parks is to protect biodiversity and sites of special natural significance. Especially relevant to this goal is the protection of Kelly Lake that includes the entire unique lake bed, which is located at Downing Park, not far from the Village of Clinton. BC Parks issues Park Use Permits to allow the PLRP access to explore the lake bed with a variety of submersible equipment and SCUBA divers. Since the establishment of the Pavilion Lake Research Project in 2004, BC Parks is pleased and proud to offer support and assistance to the PLRP and its partners for their research of Kelly Lake this year with the primary focus on the microbialite structures. The MARSLIFE Project at Kelly Lake will form part of BC Parks 100th Anniversary celebrations at Downing Park.

Heather Gorrell - BC Parks Area Supervisor, South Cariboo